Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Parting Ways

I have no words to explain
how it is that we came
to this juncture in our life
creating even still more strife
breaking hearts with
each other
I didn't try
or go undercover
as it seems
but my heart still
and shines when
I think of you
We knew not
what to do
I thought you were done
And so I moved on
Broken hearts laying there
Believe me, that I care
I hurt as much as you
when I see your sadness
it is true
I hurt just as much
missing your lovely touch
thought you didn't want me
I just wanted to be happy
I wish I would have known
But our relationship had grown
to be a problem for us both
impeding personal growth

I'm impressed by how strong you are
You are a sun
a shining star
propelling you to be free
from relationship negativity
I Wish for you the best I can
Maybe I will see you again
when you can forgive me
for setting myself free
from what didn't work
and always hurt
both of each other
I still am a lover
of your energy
and your gaze...
come back
set ablaze
a new fire
between us
a different chapter
something new
as friends
tried and true.
I never wanted to do
Anything to hurt you

but I sense it is for the best. 
Love never did pass the test.
But that doesn't mean
I don't want to scream
in anger
and pain as well
I didn't know how you felt...
I thought we were done
never to be one
or maybe down the line
but i thought it was fine
to give you love right now
It was Too soon, somehow
misinterpretation of my intent
That is the one thing I resent
because I love you no matter what
but hurting as the door shut
was not what I wanted
now my heart is haunted
with feelings of grief
and sadness...

I will never forget you.

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