Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Burning Bridges in Lakes of Fire

So much more I'd like to say,
but didn't really happen that way...

I love you more than I can tell,
lakes of fire; I'm in hell.

Wish I'd still have you near -
only thing I have left is fear...

that you will never want to come back...
a heart broken flashback

Did I really make a mistake -
didn't realize you would hate

me - for moving forward,
time flies but not toward

a synergy between us,
a burned bridge we had to cross

jump to the other side,
heart is broken, I confide

really because you hurt too..
stop blocking me , I'm turning blue

you have hurt me quite beyond
even when I thought I was strong

Wanting to be your friend- even still,
Still, I sense your looks could kill

Killing me softly with your song,
Friends for life? Was I wrong?

And as much as I hate to say:
I wish that I could run away.

To a time when things are better.
Friends coming back together.

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