Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moving Forward

If I could express to you
How sorry I am
I never wanted to hurt
you or I

My heart is fragile,
but capable of so much
My soul and body
still missing your touch
As I move forward,
sometimes I panic...
I know deep down,
I have to be honest.
I am grateful for the time we had
but looking back, its making me sad

I am wishing you
all the love, happiness, and success
that I couldn't give to you...
though all my love was certainly true.
two souls colliding trying to make it work
instead breaking hearts, going berserk

I'm sorry I am not where we need each other to be.
sadness still sometimes overcomes me
I know I wasn't right for you,
Even if we are not meant two plus one is three
doubting my ability
to be fatherly
creating instability
I apologize deeply
for going astray
not knowing the way
I will continue
I will strive
I will still love you...
as long as Im alive.

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