Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You will realize

in the long run
your time of fun
will run dry
and you will cry
over what was lost
and what was offered
and how it was
that i have suffered
you will then realize
that i am the prize
with infinite potential
but you merely thinking
that I was mental
a true genius inside
you should have stayed
in my pocket
and by my side

i will
conquer my fears
and wipe my tears
this window is closed
and the truth appears
you lie to yourself
and then to me
your overlap of love
and the timing you said...
is just
a complete fallacy
you tell me your side and
then your reasons
but your actions don't align
and i see
winter's your season
cold hearted you are
and how you treated me
 as you leave 
someone who loves you
when you knew i needed love
and you couldn't pass a test
to be my girlfriend
or my partner
so i put it to rest
you left during the bad
and soon i will be good
you don't deserve me
because you treat me
 not as you should

with your friends telling you
they don't see what you see
focusing mostly
on negativity
to justify your actions
merely to quench
your own physical satisfactions
now i sit on the bench
and i will then disappear
and this will be clear
that you threw me away
when you should have stayed
for my love is epic
and my future is golden
fool you are
you might be lonely and old then
and though my heart is shattered
and pride i've swallowed
i see 
you don't know what truly mattered

you left before
a chance we both deserved
i suspect one day soon
you will get served
a dose of your karma
so huge
much it will hurt
even though you feel 
that I am the jerk

I tell it it how it is
calling out you and your man
you have no integrity
for ruining our plan
and i see your dishonesty
because you felt differently
from what you told me
i wish this was a figment, see
we were to move in together
you requested the changes
while I accepted you
knowing your dangers
all the things we forgave
while I was your slave
but now i will find
someone who will return
all that love that i gave.

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