Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Birthday

hanging head in shame,
you know the name
of this drill
one day
you'll come back and want to feel
what is a next level deal.
Your happy birthday gift
... so swift,
Didn't know that you would do
something like this...
no wonder it was
that I also have
things I miss
in this entangled deadly kiss.
So sweet and soft to the touch,
but delivery poisonous -truth
venemous -much
with your serpentine long lists
of previous heart eclipses
many tainted
while mine, in one hand painted.
Align your mind to the truth
and you will view
that I just merely asked
for bare minimum,
just be there for me
when I need someone.
You make it out to be
that I control thee...
but I give you freedom to be
and just wish to
Nurture I do,
nature I am,
perfect am not,
but you broke this dam.
You make me see
something lacking honesty,
while you see some one and
and still planned to move in with me.
You tell my friends one thing,
while my family another.
Straight to my face and
even my mother..
Now look within yourself,
and tell me all you seek.
Seems like a fallacy
when your will is weak.

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