Monday, June 3, 2013

Confession of Love (Followed by Rejection)

 have a hard time
holding back
what is in my heart 
as it attacks 
my logicaI mind
as it unwinds
falls apart
and then comes back 
and its not my intent
maybe you're right
maybe I'm sick
but I am who I am
and try as I might
I find myself
seeking the light
the answers
and truth 

wish you you would see
the light within me
and realize my sorrow
is not unfounded
but also
would not be there tomorrow
if I were still in your pocket
and had you by my side
to help me heal
so in you I can confide

so many things I want to say
but my pride gets in the way
for I am to come back soon
and I wish upon a star
and I look up at the moon
now I give up on my will
and tell how you I feel
simply put
that I love you still

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