Saturday, August 18, 2012


Distance increases
our hearts:
shattered, broken pieces.
As we
lay down alone,
creating new homes
wondering, wandering, longing
to each, neither are belonging
even though
abundance of love abound
we are forming
dominoes falling down
but for you- my love remains still
nothing, even if you will
or won't....
send me a thought
through these telecommuncation
toys that i've bought.
Even if you judge,
you won't make me budge.
Because true love
is infinite and eternal
and remains
ever so..
even through
our minutia complains.
those are the thoughts
which we write in our journals

and so...
I wish you were happy
with me.
But that thought ceases
when I see reality...
and I hope that if you were to let me go
.. I hope you would at least let me know
so that I fall with grace.
But know this:
no matter what,
for you,
in this heart,
there is a place.
That I will be there still
even if you disagree
with what is my will...
and how I proceed
And know
that it is you in my life that I need
one way or another
as sister and brother,
but preferably more my lover
to stand by my side
so in you I can confide...
and have you embrace me again

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