Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lost and Found

clear minded-
and balanced 
I find it surreal,
i still will-
 try to pick up the pieces-
at least what is
 ...  right?
the straight is askew
and I ask you
don't you realize
that I'm a prize?
even broken
heart shattered
and unfound
my light within
is all around
a shining beacon
amongst a sea
of dark
it matters not
i am radiating
aimlessly in a chase
racing through amazing mazes
mentally distracted
heart retracted space yes
why won't you
spark my fire
i will solve the puzzle
i'll be inspired
go from lost to found
in abundance
of treasures from my soul
glistening with love to be shared
it is my goal
but I need fuel to feed my flame
but it is not just for anyone
it is for someone that is the same:
facilitating reciprocating
I rather be alone
if all I have is gone
from not filling my cup
lonely I became
since it's only me
for life is to be shared
can't seem to break free
from my own shackles
that i can't seem to bare
now i look up
let me see
what is right,
not just what was
let me be
for no one else
is there at the end
it is only me...
my best friend

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