Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ladders we climb

I wish I could heal you,
squeeze you, 
freeze time...
to please you
and tell you 
it will be alright
the fight is over
 you sleep
in peace
but somehow lonely
in tears
awake -  I feared
as hearts ache
our fate awaits 
lost abound   -
but soon found
feel like,
shattering soul quakes
we commiserate
and know in truth 
its too late
to go back and fix it all
fall back into the same patterns
ladders we climb 
after we fall
get back again
and do it all
this time
a bit different
with lessons learned
maybe not the same
but its never meant
to be just that
I'd fall flat
get back
once over
never give up
never over
don't stop
and fight again
to love you ...
as best as I can... 

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