Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Wish...

I wish for us to
love one another
be good to each other
remember when
we'd get along
and talk in song
and even admit 
when we were wrong

I wish for us ...
to keep a smile
all while...
being close friends
and lovers as well
further dispell
of who we think
each other are
when in truth.
are we not
bright shining stars
of incandescent light
showing a path
from the darkness
of the night

I wish for compassion
I wish for our passion
I wish for our goals
if not to be the same
at least be aligned
and coincide
so in you
I can confide
and never blame
and tell my hearts' content
the things I resent
the mistakes
I've made
and make
for it all to spill
without a thought
for me to believe
that angry you are not
and that you will respond
in a way
for whatever it is that I say
that you take my word
and you will believe
and know that my intent is true

even if I falter and cause you
to cry yet once again
knowing full well
that your love and understanding
is the way by which I know  
we are intimately entwined
and for me to find the reason 
to fight the fighting
and persevere,
so I can keep you near
and close to my heart
partially for selfish reasons
of which I will admit
that with you, I like to sit
and hold you close 
in my arms
as I did
and do